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Create Your Own Costume at Goodwill

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Looking for originality and savings this Halloween?
Then visit your local Goodwill, where you can mix 'n' match clothing, accessories and other paraphernalia to create an outlandishly wild Halloween costume that no one else will have!

We also carry a wide assortment of brand new already assembled
costumes plus Halloween decorations and accessories!  

The Best Selection For the Best Price... only at Goodwill.

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GROOVY 1960's
Go to the Halloween Parties in
the GROOVY 60's look.

Bright Geometric Prints
Go-Go Boots
3 Button Suits
Micro Minis

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You'll be asking,
"Where did I put my lava lamp?"

Tie-Dyed Shirts
Leather & Suede Vests
Anything with Fringe
Long Quilted or
Patchwork Shirts
Flaired Jeans
Love Beads
Indian Inspired Prints

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Disco Fever
John Travolta Who?

Wide Lapel Shirts
Leisure Suits
Anything Metallic
Jump Suits
Platform Shoes
Bell Bottom Pants

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Swing Time

The 30's, 40's, and 50's

Long Straight Wool Skirts/
Sweater Sets
Dark Blue Levi’s
Men’s White Dress Shirts
Sweater Vests
Saddle Shoes



Tickled Pink: Dress in all pink and carry a feather. When people ask you what your are answer, "I'm tickled pink!"

Black Mail: Dress in all black and attach a postage stamp to your chest. You're black mail!

Leaf Blower:: Go outside and grab a handful of leaves that have fallen on the ground. Pin the leaves on your shirt and pants. Save one leaf and pin it on to the brim of a baseball cap so it hangs in front of your face. When someone asks you what you are blow the leaf hanging from your cap and say, "A leaf blower".

D-Fence: Be the craziest sports fan this football season! Get a white T-shirt and paint a large D on the front. Out of white foam board create a small white fence. When you put the two together it becomes "D-Fence".

Grapevine: Grab a boom box and start blaring "Heard it Through the Grapevine!" Then get suited up in a brown body suit or leotard. Cover your body with double-sided tape. Then blow up purple balloons and attach them to the tape. For added security (it could be a windy Halloween), use garbage bag ties to affix balloons to tape.

A Bag of Jelly Beans: You'll need a clear plastic bag. Step into  the bag  making holes for the legs and arms out the side. Fill the bag with different color balloons and use a flashy scarf to tie around the top of the bag. You may want to place a sign that says "Jelly Beans 5 " in front of the bag. For the clothing underneath just about any color leotard will work.

Crayon: For this one, you can choose a color scheme... Dress in a solid color sweat suit. Paint or use a magic marker to print the word, "crayon" in large black letters down the length of your body. Going with the same color scheme, create a pointed hat, using construction paper or oak tag. Staple a string on it and tie it under your neck to keep it secure. And the final touch, paint your face your crayon color.

Milk Carton: Be the missing person on the milk carton! Wear a long sleeved white shirt and white pants or a leotard and tights. Spray paint a large box white. Cut out arm and leg holes. Paint MILK in large letters on both the front and the back sides. Enlarge a photo of yourself, a family member or a friend and affix it to the back. In large black letters write the word, MISSING. Slip into a pair of white tennis shoes and paint your face white.

Mummy: This one is super easy! Simply purchase white sheets and tear them into long strips. Get a friend to help you wrap them around your body. Practice body movements of a stiff mummy!

A Highway: VROOOOM...Wear a black tee-shirt and pants. Paint two solid (or dotted) yellow lines down the middle of the shirt on both sides. Glue match box cars on both sides of the road (yellow lines) Now you're on your way!

Spider: Think Black widow! For this costume, you'll need a black hooded sweatshirt; a pair of black pants or sweats; and black socks or booties. You'll also need 4 pairs of black tube socks or nylons. Stuff the tube socks with cotton batting, newspaper, or any material you can find to make the spider legs. Then sew the eight legs to the sides of the black outfit. Paint eyes on the top of the hood and a large red spot on the back (to get the Black Widow look.)

Television: Be your favorite television show! Take a large cardboard box and cut out holes for your arms and legs. Draw channel and volume controls on front side. Then choose what TV show (i.e. a copy of BLUSH magazine for Just Shoot Me or a remote tropical island for Survivor) you'd like to be and capture it on the "screen." Affix pipe cleaners to a headband then put it on your head for the antennae.


Bam Bam and BettyBetty Rubble: Go back to the Stone Age! Take a blue fitted sundress and cut the hem so it looks jagged. Wear a black wig done "Betty Style" with a bow or bone at top. Glue a small rock or bone to the top of the halter dress.

Bam-Bam: Have a yabbadabbadoo time! using leopard skin fabric, cut out a diaper size piece big enough to fit around your waist securely. Cut a ragged edge at the bottom of this material. Use the rest of the material to make a leopard sash to drape across chest. Attach the two pieces with a plastic dog bone, using glue. Complete the outfit by carrying around a wooden bat and chanting BAM BAM.

Brady Bunch Mania: Greg and Marsha: Wear bell bottom jeans with silk style shirts and lifter shoes. Put on a giant nose to capture the episode where Marcia gets hits with the football. Alice: Suit up in a blue maid's uniform and white nurse's shoes. Put your hair in a bun.
Dilbert: Slip on round wire frame glasses. Wear a white shirt and black dress slacks. Take a red and black stripe tie and using pipe cleaners glue them to the underside of the tie so that it will form the upward bend that Dilbert wears.

Judge Judy:
Take control of the party this Halloween. Wear a white blouse underneath a black graduation robe. Top it off with a curly wig and gravel.


Pat (from Saturday Night Live): Is it a HE or SHE? Suit up in a Western shirt two sizes too big. Stuff yourself with rolled up newspaper. Wear polyester pants that are brown and two sizes too big. For the stuffing in the pants, use multiple layers of foam. Slip into military style glasses and top it off with a black curly wig.

Princess Lea:
STAR WARS fans will love this costume! Buy brown hair extensions (or use your own!) and make them into the trademark "cinnamon buns" that Princess Lea is so well known for. Next, dress yourself in a plain colored wraparound dress or even a white or cream bathrobe. Add a rope belt and laser gun and you will suddenly be transferred to a galaxy far, far away!

I Dream of Jeanie: Grab a genie bottle and prepare to make a grand entrance this Halloween! Wear a skimpy tube top (preferably pink) beneath a short red vest. Don a pair of baggy pants (preferably pink or white) and a pair of ballet shoes. Accessorize with large hoop earring's and a head band.

Sherlock Holmes : Grab a mystery book, magnifying glass and a sleuth hat and transform yourself into this legend! Wear a brown cape, khaki or white pants and a vest

Pippy Longstocking : Retreat back to this favorite childhood character. Using pipe cleaners, wire the inside of the pig tails. Then wear a red dress with a flower pattern and a white apron with a fringe on it. Wear hiking boots with color socks and then apply red marker to create freckles on your face.

Felicity Shagwell from Austin Powers II
Shop Goodwill for the tightest hotpants you can find! Or buy a pair of tight jeans and make cut-offs out of them. Then throw on a skin tight shirt. Add thigh high go go boots (if you can’t find these, wear white shoes and white tube socks to create a boot look), a female symbol necklace and a wide headband. Apply bright blue eye shadow and hot pink lipstick. Now you’re ready to break some hearts!


You, too, can be a "Creepy Carrie" with a prom nightmare costume like in the scene from the movie in which Carrie is doused with pig blood after being awarded the title of Prom Queen. Find an old prom dress or down and pour fake blood all over it. Wear a tiara on your head and you are instantly turned into Carrie.

Betty Boop

You'll be singing, Boop-Boop-a-Doo in this timeless costume. Grab a red dress and a pair of white thigh high stockings with a white garter. This costume is complete with a pair of red high heels and a black bob wig. Accessorize with gold earrings and bracelets.


Construction Worker:

Wear a white shirt with tight jeans and tan boots. Put a tool belt around your waits. Search around and see if you can find a hard-hat to wear too!


The American Tourist:

Shop Goodwill for a Hawaiian shirt, a pair of shorts and a large straw hat. Don't forget to have a camera, and maps hanging out, and that look of being lost!

Miss America:

Use an old bridesmaid or prom dress or find one at Goodwill. Add a pair of gloves, a tiara, some oversized jewelry, and heals. For the banner, get a piece of wide ribbon, and write "Miss America" in glitter.

Babe Magnet:
Have you always wanted to be a Babe Magnet? Seize the moment this Halloween! Get a garbage bag and cut out slots for your arms. Collect a bunch of old Barbies and attach them to you with string or tape! Start attracting!


Undercover Agent:
Show your wit this Halloween with this easy to assemble last minute costume. Wear a long sleeve shirt with a pocket and a pair of khakis. Then throw a blanket over you. Walla…now you’re an undercover agent!!!

Peter Pan:
Here’s another smart and witty one…Be Peter Pan this Halloween. Wear a white tee-shirt that says "Peter" on the front and then write "Pan" on the back. Carrying an actual frying pan is optional!


Nerd: Watch the movie, "Revenge of the Nerd's" to get some additional "nerdy" ideas. Wear a pair of pants that are a couple of inches short (AKA Floods), a buttoned down shirt with a corny bow tie, white socks, black shoes and dark frame glasses. For an added touch of nerdiness, put tape or a band aid around the nose piece of the glasses. Clumsily carry around a stack of books and a pocket calculator.

Gypsy: Be a free spirit this Halloween! Suit up in a long flowing skirt in a floral pattern and a puffy blouse. Accessorize with heavy gold costume jewelry, a noisy belt and a shawl.


Hippie: Think Woodstock! On the bottom, wear bell bottom jeans, long jeans with rips or a peasant skirt with leather sandals (i.e. Birkenstocks) On the top,opt for a tie dye shirt or a Woodstock or Grateful Dead T-shirt. Accessorize with love beads, peace buttons and funky sunglasses. 

50s Look: Head back to the oldies! Wear a pair of jeans rolled up to the mid-calf and an un-tucked, white, buttoned down shirt with socks and tennis shoes. Complete the look with a scarf (female) or by slicking your hair back for a greaser look (male).

Cowboy or Cowgirl: Think denim! Don a pair of blue jeans, a western-looking denim shirt, boots, a neckerchief and bandanna. And walla... you're in the wild, wild west!

Scarecrow: Find a pair of loose fitting blue jeans and make cutouts in the knees. Sew patches on these cut outs. Then suit up in a long flannel shirt and begin affixing straw to cuffs of pants and shirt with duct tape.

Rapper: Wear a pair of jeans several sizes too big with a black tee shirt. Accessorize with gold chains, a boom box blaring rap music and a baseball hat worn backwards.

Magician: Wear a black tuxedo jacket with black pants and and a white dress shirt. Don a top hat and white gloves then grab a stuffed bunny for tricks.


Old Man/Woman: Dress in something old looking. Stuff some newspapers to create a large behind that juts out. Put baby powder in your hair to turn into a silvery color, Carry a bulky black purse and a cane. Complete the look with wire framed glasses and a hair net.

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